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The Retirement Exploration Survey took me by surprise. Feeling confident about my future, I quickly responded to the questions from what I thought was an extremely “healthy place” until I got to the section on “Financial Security.” All of my financial issues surfaced and I realized that I had some deep work to do in this area. I felt scared and fearful. I had buried money issues for years – not only from others, but from myself. This survey uncovered the problem and helped identify the specific financial issues I needed to finally address. No more putting off the money issue at this time in my life.

Sara helped me to address several financial issues in my life that I never would have addressed on my own. She asked me difficult questions that caused me to think differently about my situation. I realized I had many more options available to me, as she guided me and held me accountable for taking the necessary steps and initiating the difficult conversations with my spouse and our financial advisor. The astonishing results of my actions not only enhanced my financial outlook, but enriched my relationship with my spouse.

— Trudy S.


Individual and Couples Coaching

LifeEncore has several popular coaching packages to help you make decisions and move forward in discovering a satisfying life for yourself in the future. Packages are available for individuals and couples. If you are part of a couple you may choose to get coaching together or on your own. It will be productive and meaningful for you however you do it. Find out more...

Retirement Workshops

LifeEncore workshops are geared to people who are considering retirement or who have recently retired from their careers. Workshops can be sponsored by employers, associations, community groups, colleges, or other organizations. Find out more...

Informative Lectures and Guest spots

Sara Zeff Geber is available to speak to small or large groups about how people can best invent and prepare and for a satisfying retirement. Find out more...