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Co-housing Golden Girls Style

June 2013

Recently I have seen a small handful of articles about women starting “Golden Girls” style living arrangements.  I LOVE the idea!  i think this can be the perfect antidote to growing old alone.  Older (75+) women still outnumber men by quite a lot, so whether you are widowed, divorced, or never married, this seems like the ideal way to have companionship as we age. 

I doubt that it’s easy.  I remember seemingly endless arguments about cleanliness and food preparation and noise during my roommate days in college and beyond.  I’m sure these issues would arise in our later years as well, but hopefully now we know ourselves better and can speak out more directly to one another in an effort to resolve our differences before they get unmanageable.  it makes a great case for taking lots of time to find just the right partners and having lots of discussions and even some written agreements beforehand. 

Take a look at this website: http://www.GoldenGirlsNetwork.org to find out how one woman is doing it (and teaching others) in Maryland.  You can also read the following story about another group of women who are making it work. 


I cheer them on from afar and wish them the best.  They are ahead of the crowd and I suspect they will pave the way for many more of these arrangements as the baby boomers figure out their encores and their older lives.