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Solo Aging meets the Golden Girls

May 2013

There was a great story on NPR’s Morning Edition with Julie Rovner this morning http://www.npr.org/programs/morning-edition/ .  Julie interviewed several of the women in a “Golden Girl” House in Maryland.  Thanks to one woman, Bonnie Moore, with great long-term vision, several women have now found a place to spend their “golden” years – with other like-minded women who are fully functional now, but were far-sighted enough to know that they may someday not be fully functional and will need a support system. 

These women, all currently in their 60s, found each other through an ad on Craig’s List and have been living in Bonnie Moore’s home in Bowie, MD for several years now.  They are like a family, yet also like sorority sisters, sharing the tasks of homemaking, while also still making a living. 

Bonnie has also started a website, the Golden Girls Network (http://www.GoldenGirlsNetwork.org) to connect people who want to replicate her home in other areas of the country.  This is great long-term planning for singles, Solo Agers, or even those who don’t want to leave the burden of caregiving and decision making to their children.