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Life Planning Network

Sara is a master at creating a non-threatening, penalty-free zone…

— Terri S., San Jose, CA

An Employer Seeking Guidance or Service for Employees

LifeEncore offers individual coaching for retiring executives and workshops for employees who are retirement eligible or who have recently retired. 

Coaching for Retiring Executives

Men and women who have reached executive levels in their careers often look at “retirement” with great ambivalence – and legitimately so!  One the one hand, they are probably tired and ready for a change.  However, in most cases their careers have been their source of identity and pride for many years.  This is a very difficult thing to leave without knowing what’s on the other side of this major life transition.

In past generations, life expectancy was only a few years beyond retirement age, and most hard working execs were not facing a significant life span beyond their working years.  Today’s 55+ executive has likely kept himself/herself in relatively good shape, has a lot of energy left for other things,  and, thanks to modern medicine, can expect to live another 20-30 years. 

Determining the best path for channeling that capability, knowledge, and energy is critical to their willingness to leave and their wellbeing when they walk out the door for the last time.  Many recent studies have shown that without a plan, executives are at serious risk for depression.

In LifeEncore’s one-on-one executive coaching packages, Dr. Geber enables these high-powered people to make decisions and move forward in discovering a new identity and planning a satisfying retirement lifestyle. 

Included in all packages is the Retirement Exploration Survey(RES), an assessment of retirement readiness and the gaps between how individuals currently see themselves and where they would like to be in the future.  The RES has proved to be a valuable instrument in helping people focus on the most important aspects of planning for the retirement phase of their lives. 

In coaching, it is extremely valuable as a starting point to explore retirement-related issues and pinpoint areas of concern. 


LifeEncore workshops are geared to people who are considering retirement or who have recently retired from their careers. 

In the workshops Dr. Geber provides guidance similar to that offered through coaching, but in a group environment.  Depending on the results desired, these workshops can range in length from two hours to two days.  Depending on the group’s objectives, participants can expect the following potential outcomes:

  • Learn about the Eight Keys to a Successful Retirement and how to use them
  • Determine the retirement lifestyle that best suits you
  • Learn a process for determining where you want to live (and can afford) in retirement
  • Figure out what you want to do in retirement – how you want to spend your time and what will bring meaning and purpose to your life
  • Determine a realistic timeline for your retirement
  • Determine whether you need or want to produce income in retirement and how to go about finding the right opportunity
  • Learn about volunteer opportunities, decide if volunteering is right for you now, and learn how to begin “giving back”
  • Hear about unique and different ways baby boomers are spending their 55+ years

Organizations wishing to offer retirement planning workshops to their employees can contact Dr. Geber at LifeEncore.

Lunch-and-learn talks and Discussions

Sara Zeff Geber may also be available for brown-bag lunch-and-learn events.  In these, she talks and leads discussions more casually to large and small groups about how people can best prepare and for a satisfying retirement.  These talks and discussions can be of a general nature or highlight any of the following areas:

  • The Many Faces of Retirement Living…What’s Right for You: Independent living, 55+ communities, living with family, continuous care communities, and more
  • The five most important decisions to make as you retire
  • Finding the right Financial Planning advisor
  • Finding work in a youth-oriented society
  • Re-inventing yourself in a new career
  • So much need; So little time: Finding meaningful ways to “give back”
  • Fifty-Plus, Minus Kids: Planning for retirement and beyond for people without children

Please contact us today to discuss opportunities for brief talks and group discussions on these topics.