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Life Planning Network

The Retirement Exploration Survey took me by surprise. Feeling confident about my future, I quickly responded to the questions from what I thought was an extremely “healthy place” until I got to the section on “Financial Security.” All of my financial issues surfaced and I realized that I had some deep work to do in this area. I felt scared and fearful. I had buried money issues for years – not only from others, but from myself. This survey uncovered the problem and helped identify the specific financial issues I needed to finally address. No more putting off the money issue at this time in my life.

Sara helped me to address several financial issues in my life that I never would have addressed on my own. She asked me difficult questions that caused me to think differently about my situation. I realized I had many more options available to me, as she guided me and held me accountable for taking the necessary steps and initiating the difficult conversations with my spouse and our financial advisor. The astonishing results of my actions not only enhanced my financial outlook, but enriched my relationship with my spouse.

— Trudy S.

A Single Person

Woman in class If you are single and planning for a lifestyle change or full retirement, there are key issues you will confront as you move ahead in your life.  Taking a look at these issues now, and being proactive about them will help you move smoothly through the decades ahead.  These questions raise the key issues:

  1. What money will you have to live on?
  2. What will you be doing with your life?
  3. Who will you spend time with?
  4. Where and with whom will you live?
  5. Who can you depend upon to be an advocate and companion for you, should you have an accident or a lingering illness?

It may be helpful to think of your life in 10-year segments.  For example, if you are currently 58, answer the questions for the next 10 years - from now until you are 68.  Then project yourself into the next decade and think about what you want between ages 68-78.  Then between 78-88.  The last segment being 88+.  It’s true, you might not live that long, but what if you do?

These are all VERY important considerations as we move through the years.  Some of them may be easy to answer for the first 10-year block, and no doubt they will get a little more difficult as you project into the future, where there are more unknowns.  No one has a crystal ball, so all we can do is make some educated guesses about our future circumstances, based on where we are today. 

As a certified retirement coach, I am trained to help you answer these questions and make some solid decisions about the future.  Contact me with your specific questions or to discuss coaching package options.