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New Book: Live Smart After 50

March 2013

Dr. Sara Zeff Geber, a Certified Retirement Coach, Contributes to Timely New Book for Boomers to Live Happy, Healthy and Productive Lives Post-50, Entitled: “LIVE SMART AFTER 50!”

With 100 million Americans over the age of 50 living longer than generations before them, a new extended “middle age” has revolutionized the economics and expectations for work and lifestyles in the second half of life.  This new book, recommended by respected Boomer Expert & Renowned Journalist, Jane Pauley, offers solutions to the challenges that members of this huge segment of our population currently face, or will face — personally, professionally, and financially.

Live Smart After 50San Jose, CA (February 23, 2013): Dr. Sara Zeff Geber and other experts, all among the nation’s leading authorities in life planning and positive aging, and all members of the Life Planning Network (LPN), combined their collective wisdom to create a one-of-a-kind guidebook for the Boomer Generation, entitled: LIVE SMART AFTER 50! The Experts’ Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times. It is available on Amazon in both Print and Kindle e-book versions, and it’s receiving rave reviews from readers and the Media.

Jane Pauley Review

One such review comes from famous celebrity journalist, Jane Pauley, former host of The Today Show, and who recently hosted two specials in partnership with the AARP to address the lives and challenges of Boomers. As such, Ms. Pauley tweeted about, and had this to say about, Geber and her colleagues’ important new book: “A book that I’d recommend - plan for a successful future!”

Comprehensive Retirement Guide

Live Smart After 50! provides Baby Boomers with a comprehensive guide that contains useful, practical and thought-provoking information for planning and managing life at this new stage. Plus, in addition to Dr. Geber, other book contributors include: legal and financial planners; coaches and advisors; therapists; caregivers; positive aging scholars; and business and nonprofit leaders.
Written by a stellar line up of expert contributors, Live Smart After 50! outlines action-oriented tools and resources that will enable readers to:

  • Think about and strategically plan for the reality of a longer life
  • Let go of old expectations to make room for new opportunities
  • Create a life inventory as a first step to understanding and charting the future
  • Think about how they want to live and who they want to be, in this second chapter of life
  • Tackle and plan for life’s most important concerns, including: work, finances, caregiving, relationships, health, creativity, spirituality and their own legacy

“Issues our book addresses have become of such concern to our generation that USA Today recently ran a feature article, ‘Hitting 65, Boomers Seek Out Retirement Coaches’, about the huge number of Boomers seeking Retirement Coaches to help them navigate these uncharted waters,” shares Dr. Geber, “I have definitely seen an increase in business over the past 2 years and I don’t see the demand slowing down any time soon.”

For more information about the book, visit: LiveSmartAfter50.com. And to learn more about Dr. Sara Zeff Geber’s Retirement Coaching services, visit her website: LifeEncore.com

Book Info:

Title: LIVE SMART AFTER 50! The Experts’ Guide for Life Planning in
Uncertain Times

Publisher: Cypress House
ISBN: 978-0-9881907-0-2
Pages: 242
Publication Date: October 2012
Amazon Price: Paperback ($14.99) & Kindle eBook ($9.99)