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Live Smart After 50! featured in Silicon Valley Newspapers

April 2013

Dr. Sara Zeff Geber, The Retirement Transition and Life Planning Expert for Boomers, was recently interviewed about her business and her new book, Live Smart After 50!  In this article, Sara shares insights from the book on the importance of planning your future beyond retirement, and what that encompasses, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Turning 50 is nifty, but it’s a milestone, too

By Marianne L. Hamilton, for Silicon Valley Community Newspapers
Posted:  04/22/2013 07:32:53 PM PDT

For many of us, each milestone birthday is a time to pause and reflect. The completion of a decade typically spurs a look in the rear-view mirror at the road we’ve traveled, while peering at the one still looming in the distance—and trying to determine if the off-ramps we chose were all that wise.

Los Gatos residents Laura Saunders and Sara Zeff Gaber, PhD., recently gave serious thought to what turning 50 means. Both came up with unique ways to prepare themselves for the future and celebrate the power that comes with surviving a half century on the planet.

These days, Dr. Sara Zeff Geber helps people overcome fears of an entirely different sort—those nagging uncertainties about the future that can suddenly become crippling. Geber, who holds a doctorate in organizational behavior and counseling, is a certified retirement coach. In her “LifeEncore” practice, she guides those nearing retirement in mapping out strategies that will serve them in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

Geber is one of 32 authors who was tapped to contribute to a just-published book that offers solid advice for seniors. Entitled Live Smart After 50: The Experts Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Time, the tome provides guidance on a diverse range of topics, from financial planning to “senior-proofing” a house, caring for aging parents and tapping into one’s late-life creative resources. Calling on her many years of expertise in working with those 50-plus, Geber’s chapter—“The Relationship Dividend: Thriving through Connection and Community”—looks at the importance of forming (and maintaining) lasting connections through the golden years.

“As we go through the inevitable challenges of aging, we need good, solid relationships around us that can support us, and that we can support,” Geber said. “I offer tips on good communications, setting personal boundaries, how to connect again with family members if we’ve become disconnected and other topics.”

New retirees sometimes find that they need to do some fence-mending with loved ones, Geber added. “Our key relationships in life may have suffered from our focus on work. Often, spouses need some special attention if both have been focusing on their careers. The goal is to help people evaluate how healthy their relationships are now, and then what they can do to make them healthier for the rest of their lives.”

Prior to her contribution to the new book, Geber was the author of How to Manage Stress for Success, as well as numerous articles in national publications. A frequent guest speaker on the challenges facing Baby Boomers, Geber most recently presented a tract during the “Aging in America” conference held in Chicago by the American Society on Aging. In her coaching practice, along with her speaking and writing, Geber often focuses on the notion of “solo aging”—the caregiving options that are available to those who have chosen to remain childless.

“Just under 20 percent of the boomer population didn’t have children; I’m one of them. It’s very important to plan for what’s going to happen when there are no kids in the picture to take care of us,” Geber said.

With endorsements by numerous authors, scholars and other experts on aging—and even a celebrity or two (such as television anchor/journalist Jane Pauley)—Live Smart After 50 is receiving high praise for the collective wisdom of its contributors. “If we’re smart, we know we need to do some planning for the second half of our lives, both financial and personal,” advised Gerber. “That’s what Live Smart After 50 is all about.”

‘Live Smart After 50: The Experts Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times’ is now available in both print and e-book formats through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the book’s website, livesmartafter50.com. More information about LifeEncore can be found at lifeencore.com.

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