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She is very knowledgeable about the issues facing those contemplating and entering retirement.  She was able to share many specific stories from her work to illustrate the huge variety of how people use their retirement years. Sara’s friendly style encouraged the audience to open up about topics that can be difficult for some.  Her step-by-step process really helped them begin to envision how they might spend their post-work years.

— Julie Schatz, CFP


Individual and Couples Coaching

LifeEncore has several popular coaching packages to help you make decisions and move forward in discovering a satisfying life for yourself in the future. Packages are available for individuals and couples. If you are part of a couple you may choose to get coaching together or on your own. It will be productive and meaningful for you however you do it. Find out more...

Retirement Workshops

LifeEncore workshops are geared to people who are considering retirement or who have recently retired from their careers. Workshops can be sponsored by employers, associations, community groups, colleges, or other organizations. Find out more...

Informative Lectures and Guest spots

Sara Zeff Geber is available to speak to small or large groups about how people can best invent and prepare and for a satisfying retirement. Find out more...