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My partners and I recently held a client appreciation event and asked Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D., a Certified Retirement Coach, to be our speaker. Our first hint that Dr. Geber was going to be a big hit was the larger number of RSVPs from the previous year and then that every person who RSVPed showed up! Dr. Geber’s talk was entertaining and engaged our clients in an active discussion about what their next phase, beyond having to work for a living, would look like. She explored the issue of friends and colleagues at work that currently fill our lives and how that connection may change. She covered the challenges of relocation after retirement as well as many other topical issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Geber as speaker to anyone who needs a speaker for a preretirement or newly retired group.

— Joanne D. Mungall, CFP®, San Jose, CA

Retirement Workshops

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Lecture group LifeEncore workshops are geared to people who are considering retirement or who have recently retired from their careers.  Workshops can be sponsored by employers, associations, community groups, colleges, or other organizations. 

In the workshops Dr. Geber provides guidance similar to that offered through coaching, but in a group environment.  Depending on the results desired, these workshops can range in length from two hours to two days.  Depending on the group’s objectives, participants can expect the following potential outcomes:

  • Learn about the Eight Keys to a Successful Retirement and how to use them
  • Determine the retirement lifestyle that best suits you
  • Learn a process for determining where you want to live (and can afford) in retirement
  • Figure out what you want to do in retirement – how you want to spend your time and what will bring meaning and purpose to your life
  • Determine a realistic timeline for your retirement
  • Woman in workshop class
  • Determine whether you need or want to produce income in retirement and how to go about finding the right opportunity
  • Learn about volunteer opportunities, decide if volunteering is right for you now, and learn how to begin “giving back”
  • Hear about unique and different ways baby boomers are spending their 55+ years

Organizations wishing to offer retirement planning workshops to their employees can contact Dr. Geber LifeEncore.

Inquire about a .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for your group.

To learn more about how LifeEncore can be of service to you, don’t hesitate to contact Sara by email or phone.